5 Main Comments from Spoelstra, Olynyk, Hill Interviews
5 Main Comments from Spoelstra, Olynyk, Hill Interviews
Apr 24, 2024 1:31 AM

As these post-practice interviews continue, you begin to see more of a comfortability in the players as they continue to adjust to these unique circumstances. Here’s what Coach Erik Spoelstra, Solomon Hill, and Kelly Olynyk had to say to the media today…

Post-Practice Comment #1

Solomon Hill on Jimmy Butler: "He defines Miami Heat. He defines Heat culture.

— Anthony Chiang (@Anthony_Chiang) July 16, 2020

Solomon Hill started off his interview today with media on Heat’s star Jimmy Butler. He says that he can see how some people can create ideas and stories about him. He follows this point explaining how much of a competitor Jimmy is and how he shows it every time he walks onto the court. This is a perfect example of Jimmy showing his teammates what to do instead of just telling them. Solomon also says, “He defines Miami Heat. He defines Heat culture.” It’s been pretty obvious that this is true all season with his hard-work, leadership, and winning mindset.

Post-Practice Comment #2

Erik Spoelstra on maintaining focus at Disney, "It's not as challenging as everybody thinks on the outside." He said with fewer distractions, "There's nowhere else to go and there's not a lot of distractions."

— Ira Winderman (@IraHeatBeat) July 16, 2020

Coach Erik Spoelstra was asked about the troubles of maintaining focus in the bubble without being distracted. He responded, “It’s not as challenging as everybody thinks on the outside.” He continues to say that it’s actually much easier to remain focused in this format since there’s nothing to do. He also mentions that he appreciates the idea of pushing the bubble protocols. He said, “This is not something we have experience or expertise in.” He basically wants everybody to be on the same page, which he seems to think has been going pretty smoothly.

Post-Practice Comment #3

Kelly Olynyk on no fans, but Heat pumping home feel into arena, "There'll be less distractions, when you think of it . . . None of us have done it at a level this high."

— Ira Winderman (@IraHeatBeat) July 16, 2020

Kelly Olynyk talked about how unusual it will be for teams to play in front of no fans. He seemed pretty optimistic about it, saying “There’ll be less distractions.” This means that the only thing on players minds will be basketball. Since well, that’s the only thing to think about in the bubble. He continues to talk about the conditions, saying they have never been seen at this high of a level. Although the no fans circumstances seem unusual, they benefit the Heat greatly since there’s been a lot of summer league, international, and community college play.

Post-Practice Comment #4

Kelly Olynyk on Heat’s comfort in diff defensive schemes:

It’s a bit personnel-driven for us … I think you have to have a little bit of everything in your arsenal come playoff time. If you give any team a steady look at one thing, you’re gonna be in trouble @5ReasonsSports

— Karens In Paris (@NekiasNBA) July 16, 2020

When Kelly was asked about the defensive schemes of this Heat team, he says “You have to have a little bit of everything in your arsenal.” This is indeed true for both the playoffs in general and these different circumstances. We have seen the Heat’s zone be used quite a few times this season, particularly to shut down the Philadelphia 76ers early in the season. Kelly continues to say “If you give any team a steady look at one thing, you’re gonna be in trouble.” We know Coach Spoelstra will have everything in his arsenal on the defensive side of the ball, especially in a playoff setting.

Post-Practice Comment #5

Kelly Olynyk on what he likes about the Heat's personnel: "I think we have a lot of strengths. A lot of guys that can create. Guys that can slash, get on the glass, rebound. Guys that are athletic. Guys that can really shoot the ball."

I mean, he's not wrong.

— Shane Young (@YoungNBA) July 16, 2020

Kelly Olynyk also speaks about what he likes most about this Heat’s team. He talks about how this group of guys make each other better since everybody has different strengths. He says they’ve got guys who can slash, rebound, shoot, and have athleticism. And this is definitely true. This Heat team has a full roster of guys that are capable of getting hot on any given night. Which is why Erik Spoelstra will be trying out different lineups and players throughout the regular season games, to see who he can trust once the playoffs begin.

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