Can the NFL Competition Committee stop #Tankovailoa?
Can the NFL Competition Committee stop #Tankovailoa?
Jun 18, 2024 11:26 AM

The Miami Dolphins are in every outlet of the country because of their obvious tanking. Can the NFL do anything about it?

Everyone that has watched the last several weeks in Davie, Florida, can see the long-term plan starting to unfold.

And whether that be the $130M+ they will have to spend in free agency, or the obscene amount of draft picks – it all starts with securing the NFL’s top QB prospect, Tua Tagovailoa.

That is, unless the NFL competition committee has something to say about it.

According to the Athletic’s Daniel Kaplan, the competition committee could take a look at the Dolphins plan to #TankForTua–much like they did with Cleveland several years ago.

“Five years ago, the league source said, the competition committee did debate the Cleveland Browns, which is best described as having pursued a mini version of the Dolphins’ strategy. The committee, the league source added, was responding to media questions and decided the NFL Draft structure served the league well.”

Kaplan then goes on to mention why the NFL competition committee could have a problem with teams trying to deliberatelytank, such as the 2019 Dolphins.

“The committee will probably have the questions posed to it again, if not by the media, maybe by teams,” a league source said.

“It’s likely the competition committee will have to address this issue.” It’s not hard to see why the committee might be concerned. The fabric of the NFL is built on the “Any Given Sunday” ethos that infuses fans with the belief that any NFL team can beat another NFL team. It’s not baseball where each team has 162 sometimes meaningless games spread across regional sports channels or the NBA with 82 regular season games. NFL teams have only 16 games and they are all national, with an inordinate amount of pressure and hype for each contest.”

The last time the media was this upset at Miami it was because they assembled the best basketball team on the planet.

— Jake (@JMendel94) September 19, 2019

For the league to determine the Dolphins are deliberately trying to tank, they would need to bring in some of the top investigators in the country. Some names to consider include Scooby Doo and Mystery Inc., the Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, and of course, Inspector Gadget. This is not a job for the faint of heart.

In all seriousness, there’s probably very little that will come of this. The Dolphins are on pace to be the worst team in NFL history. Period.

Sure, maybe the‘tank’ was never meant to be this bad. But everything is going according to plan. #Tankovailoa

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