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Do Manchester United really want Chelsea’s Juan Mata, and will Rooney be part of the deal?

Do Manchester United really want Chelsea’s Juan Mata, and will Rooney be part of the deal?

Jul 18, 2024 1:26 PM

With little more than a week left for the summer transfer window to close, hectic parleys are on between two Premier League giants Manchester United and Chelsea for the transfer of Wayne Rooney.

Juan MataJuan Mata

Chelsea who have bid twice already for the striker, are poised to bid for a 3rd time after the Saturday encounter between the two clubs. Mourinho’s statement of “There is time to do things from an ethical point of view” has ruffled the feathers of David Moyes. The United manager responded to Mourinho’s comments by saying – “We’ve told you, haven’t we  I hardly need to repeat it again. It doesn’t need to be said.”

Another twist in the tale has been added by Chelsea’s interest in Willian, which implies Chelsea would look to offload their already packed midfield.

Media reports suggest Juan Mata could be the man to face the chop – and the arrival of Rooney would see Mata moving to Old Trafford. Mourinho has been quick to dismiss the gossip – “No speculation. He is a player we all like, a player we all want to keep. We want more quality in the team, not less.”

Mourinho’s past quips, if anything to go by, doesn’t really hold much water given the manager’s signing spree in his past avatar as the Blues manager.

If the swap comes through, it would satisfy both clubs – maybe except Shinji Kagawa. Mata’s move to United would put a deathly blow to Kagawa’s aspirations of first team football. This puts on an added layer of intrigue to the Rooney saga which will show its true face after the weekend games are over.

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