Golden State Warriors: Which Stars Are Actually Golden This Year?
Golden State Warriors: Which Stars Are Actually Golden This Year?
May 22, 2024 10:37 PM

Millions of American sports fans enjoy the thrills and excitement of watching the world’s highest level of professional basketball found in the NBA. In the past decades, some of the best players of all time have graced the famous courts, and these players have gone on to enjoy truly international recognition for their skills and athleticism. This article focuses on the Golden State Warriors, a team that enjoyed recent success, winning the 2022 NBA title after beating the Boston Celtics 103-90 in their final game. This was their first return to the finals since 2019, when they lost to the Toronto Raptors. Looking at the current 2023/24 season that began on 24h October, this article highlights some of their key players and looks into what a bet on the team might look like.

Betting Considerations

For any Golden State Warriors fan, the key bet will be to see if the team can win the championship again. At present, they are the 6th favorite team with odds of +1400 to win and +700 to make the finals. However, as any NBA fan knows, the run-up to the final and the last games can be on a knife edge, with surprises often in store. They had what might be seen as a rocky season last year, but with management and player changes, they’re feeling confident that’s all well behind them.

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Golden Stars to Watch Out For

Stephen Curry: At the time of writing, the Golden State Warriors had just ended a 2-week losing streak, beating the Houston Rockets 121-116. Point guard Steph Curry was instrumental in the win and scored 32 points with five rebounds. As expected, he will be a player to keep an eye on all season long as he is a vital part of the team, consistently delivering when needed and apparently recovered from the injury sustained last season.

Klay Thompson: Another key player who is working to get back to form. While his points per game currently stand at 15.0 (almost half that of Curry), this is to be expected from a shooting guard, especially when Curry has carried his side for the last ten years.

Andrew Wiggins: An honorable mention should also go to small forward Andrew Wiggins. While his recent form has not been as good as his recognized potential, perhaps due to his concern over his father’s ongoing health problems, he is undoubtedly one of the biggest stars of the NBA. Put simply, it is only a question of time before he returns to his absolute best.

To Sum Up

Golden State Warriors will look to continue the success of the 2022 season but have currently yet to find their top level. Steph Curry can be relied upon, and Andrew Wiggins will undoubtedly get back to his best this season. The team may not be favorites for the championship, but it is still a credible bet to gamble on them making the playoffs.

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