Goran Dragic: “I’m Here to Help”
Goran Dragic: “I’m Here to Help”
May 19, 2024 5:04 AM

Goran Dragic made it clear that he is not worried about his role heading into next season, when speaking with media.

He said, “I’m here to help, whatever coach needs.”

Another reason that he will most likely come off the bench next season, is so he can preserve himself for the playoffs once again.

He mentioned that the depth of this team helps that even more, saying “The depth is crazy. We have eleven guys on the roster who can play.” And even before that when assessing the idea of a shorter off-season, he said “I’m not worried about that because we have so many players that can step up.”

Goran also elaborated on some of the young guys going into next season, saying “I can’t wait for them to take the next step. They’re a big part of this team.”

He also talked about his excitement for the Bam Adebayo extension, saying “I’m very happy for Bam. He deserves every dollar, every penny…I saw him when he was a rookie, and now he’s developed into a superstar in this league.”

And of course Goran had to bring up the idea of getting back to the Finals, which it seems as if it’s been weighing on his mind. He said, “I’m dreaming about that, every night when I go to bed.”

Lastly, Goran just began talking about his gratitude for staying with this Miami Heat team and organization. He mentioned their culture, while wearing the culture T-shirt, and said “I feel amazing. Miami Heat culture. I’m happy to be a part of this team.”

And clearly his teammates are happy to have him back as well, especially the young guys after many of them discussed his mentorship for them as they developed.

Goran is back, and as he said, he is “ready to help.”

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