If Bam is the Engine, Jimmy is the Steering Wheel
If Bam is the Engine, Jimmy is the Steering Wheel
Jul 18, 2024 1:19 PM

When Jimmy Butler spoke about Bam Adebayo in his media session, he said, “He’s the engine.”

This has been a statement that Jimmy Butler has been saying since he arrived in Miami, and it clearly is the truth. He’s the heart and soul of this Heat team, which is why he’s the centerpiece of the franchise.

But if Bam is the engine, Jimmy is the steering wheel.

Bam may be the one who “makes this team go,” but he also needs his leader to push him in the right direction. If Jimmy sees something on the floor or even in film, the team rallies behind him since they value his decisions.

Then of course you’ve got the tires, which sometimes could be new, but also could be used. Goran Dragic, Tyler Herro, and others represent that, since even though they’re going to milk the use out of the used tire, a new tire will ultimately replace it in the long run.

The point is that every part of the car is needed for the thing to run, and that is what the Miami Heat represent. They hold each other accountable for a reason, and it’s because every piece of the team is necessary for the team to win games.

The media sessions with players is a circle effect. The leaders of the team praise the role guys, while the role guys praise the leaders. And that is exactly how it should be, especially since Coach Erik Spoelstra mentions chemistry in the locker room is one of the most essential elements.

And of course you have Pat Riley, who is the mechanic. If there is an issue with the roster going forward, a change will be made for the better, just as the mechanic improves the well being of the car.

And the well being of the car begins with the main elements. Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo seem as ready as ever to start this season, since that run to the Finals was not just a “fluke.” It was a product of hard work, which was just a glimpse of what the future holds.

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