Jazz Sportsbook Provides Its Side in Payout Dispute
Jazz Sportsbook Provides Its Side in Payout Dispute
May 22, 2024 10:58 PM

On Sunday, published an article "Report: Jazz Sportsbook Not Paying Some Players".

Jazz Sportsbook over the years has gone from a primarily credit book - the owner despised the post up sector - to one that has gained a significant foothold in the Latin American gambling market.  They also owned and operated a handful of land-based casinos throughout the years, mostly in Costa Rica.

With all of this in mind, we were shocked when players began coming forward Saturday advising of long lag times with requested payouts.

Vegas Horse Pools on Twitter was the first to reach out to .

The respected sports bettor messaged:  "I have a bunch of people that need help getting their money out of them."

By Monday, Jazz reached out to to provide its side of the story.

"We would like to tackle a few of these," the Jazz Sportsbook spokesperson tells .

"All players get paid every cent that’s in their account.

"As usual, there are payout limits in place for our customers.

"If a group is found to be in violation of rules, then we reduce the payout limits to discourage that behavior, but ALL players are getting paid.

"We have found we had a large group of customers (35+) that were all betting the exact same thing at the same time to avoid limit rules. We could have canceled the wagers but instead we chose to follow our payout limits.

"It’s important to make this clear that we are going ahead and respecting our terms with our regular customers as usual, but do intend to discourage behaviors mentioned previously."

Vegas Horse Pools has since responded.

"Jazz had a payout rule of $2500 twice a week, then they changed it to $1000 a week.  Now it is $1000 every two weeks.  How happy would you be if you had $100,000 in there and only bet NFL?"

What do you think?  Let us know on Twitter as this is currently an active discussion.

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