Playing Lacrosse: Safety Tips and Tricks
Playing Lacrosse: Safety Tips and Tricks
Apr 24, 2024 2:59 AM

Here is an obvious question for someone who doesn’t know lacrosse. What is the Lacrosse? Is it a sport or something else?

To answer your question –

Let us begin by saying that it is a historical sport, with its roots dating back to 12th century America. The country was still the home of Indigenous people.

Lacrosse was one of the leisure activities taken up by the Native Americans, which was later readjusted after the colonization process began, with Brits and French entering the country.

After the colonizers acknowledged the game, they added some rules and regulations to remove the brutal nature of the game.

So, to understand the game in a sophisticated manner, let us begin by knowing –

What Is Lacrosse?

Lacrosse team sports, where players use stick and ball to play the game. The players use the rod to catch, pass and score a goal.

As mentioned earlier, the changes Europeans brought led to adding a federation that reviewed the game’s proceedings. Later, female Lacrosse sport was added, allowing the female gender to enjoy and compete with other women.

Nowadays, there are three types of Lacrosse –

Field LacrosseBox LacrosseWomen Lacrosse

Note: Field and Box Lacrosse are only played by men. Further, an interesting part of the sport is the different set of rules for men and women.

This is done due to keeping their safety in mind. Therefore, we can say that the sport has some RISKS. Thus, the question comes –

What Are The Risks Involved With Lacrosse?

Even though Lacrosse is a moderately risky sport, some injuries can have a prolonged effect on your health.

Knee injuries, like a tear in ACL (anterior cruciate ligament), can risk knee recovery, as it takes a long time to function fully. Thus, keeping you sidelined from the practice.Muscle strains are an obvious risk for players. It includes painful hamstring or groin injuries, which take time to recover.Shin splints and foot blisters are common for Lacrosse players as they keep running from the top to the end of the field.Head and face injuries are also a few risks involved with the game. As a contact sport, there can be moments of head injury, like a concussion. This can put the player at risk.One of the rarest yet riskiest injuries is commotio cordis. It is a heart injury that occurs when the ball hits the chest. It is more prevalent among adolescent boys as they have less knowledge of the game.

As there are risks, there are safety tricks that can help you protect yourself from injury, as prevention is better than cure.

Hence, let’s know what are the –

Safety Tricks And Tips

To play a sport properly, you must follow some tips and tricks to have a longer, safe sporting career. It is similar to Lacrosse, as the World Lacrosse regards safety as significant for a player’s future in the game.

Here are a few tips for you –

Tip 1: Know The Rules

One of the obvious things you need to know is the rules and regulations of the game. You just cannot come in, pick a stick and throw the ball. Rather it would be best if you read the rule before playing.

That way, you reduce the chance of getting injured.

The rules and regulations give the dos and don’ts of the game, especially with wearing helmets and mouthguards to protect your face and head.

Also, contact is illegal for girls, hence promoting a free style of play for women.

Tip 2: Maintain Open Communication

Communication is key if you want to play a team sport, as you have to exchange words to keep the game’s flow.

Similarly, in case of any health issue, you must openly tell coaches or players about the condition. It is because if any problem occurs, then they call for necessary help and doctors.

So, speak enough with the representatives so that you can play and enjoy the game at the same time.

Tip 3: Rest And Exercise

It is necessary to keep your body fit and stiff to play any sport, especially if you are playing Lacrosse.

For this, you need to do plyometrics and neuromuscular training to match the intensity and hardness of the game. These exercises will enhance your body’s capacity and reduce the risk of injury.

In addition to that, you need to hydrate yourself regularly to keep the blood flow intact and keep your muscles fresh.

Further, take help of a good sleep, which will help you to recover from body aches. Also, allow you to stay focused during the game.

Tip 4: Wear The Right Equipment

Most injuries can be avoided if you wear the right types of equipment. Basically, it is the sporting gear that protects your body from getting hit.

For men, the helmet and mouth guard protect them from any head or facial injury. For women, it is a mouth guard and goggles to reduce the chance of getting injured.

Adhering to information, as mentioned earlier, having a good Lacrosse net is crucial, which can further reduce your chance of getting a hit on the face or head.

Tip 5: Having A Plan

Well, it includes how to plan to play your season. It is significant as, through an effective strategy, you can mitigate the risks brought by the game.

Therefore, you need to plan for holidays, where you can take a break from the game. It can be a few days in a month or a month in a season.

This will keep you fresh and protect you from burnout and risky injuries.

Along with this, you need to report your injuries so that, in due time, necessary steps are taken. The essential people will evaluate your damage and then present a solution. It can range from surgery or taking time off from the game.

Hence, follow the tips to increase your security.

Tipping Our Way From Here

Well, in conclusion, part, we can suggest you look after your diet, as nutrients and vitamins play an effective role in avoiding an injury.

For this, you can ask your dietitian to curate a proper diet so that you can play the game for a longer period.

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