Position-Less Basketball: Miami Heat Paving the Way
Position-Less Basketball: Miami Heat Paving the Way
May 19, 2024 3:44 AM

There are a couple of different things that make Miami much different than other teams. The one I’ve mentioned quite a few times is their depth, but there might be something else.

Position-less basketball is clearly the way the league is turning to, since many teams don’t have true bigs or true point guards.

And well, the Miami Heat see the way that the league is going.

For starters, Bam Adebayo is the textbook definition of position-less basketball, since he can be the primary ball-handler on the floor at times. He’s not a traditional big, since he doesn’t go to work in the post, while only standing 6 foot 9 inches.

But every center wants to be the ball-handling and play-making center nowadays, since every big in the draft said they wanted to be like Bam.

Tyler Herro can be another representation of turning the tide, since he was labeled as a catch and shoot guy coming out of college. And now he might be the starting point guard in his second season.

He’s definitely earned that, since he improved his passing abilities tremendously before entering the bubble. But even though he has the attributes, he’s not the traditional point guard. And that’s exactly how Miami likes it.

Since they have such a deep bench this year, that means Erik Spoelstra will have a plethora of different lineups to try out, mostly because he can insert any of his players in any position.

When heading into free agency, I kept mentioning that Miami will be going after one mutual attribute. Versatility.

And they got that, adding one of the best defenders, in Avery Bradley, while also picking up a lengthy wing, in Moe Harkless, who can guard multiple positions.

Giving a top coach in the NBA this much flexibility is absolutely genius, and it also impacts many of their young guys who struggle on the defensive end.

While other teams in the East are scrambling to get better, Miami has found a bunch of counters, and they will all be beneficial in this very unique NBA season.

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