Precious Achiuwa: “Guys Really Care About Each Other”
Precious Achiuwa: “Guys Really Care About Each Other”
Jul 18, 2024 12:47 PM

Precious Achiuwa got to speak with media on Friday afternoon, and it’s clear he’s one of the most intriguing players heading into this season for Miami.

When asked about the process as a whole, especially with the absence of the Summer League, he said, “I do feel like I’ve been fast tracked.”

He followed that discussing his level of readiness due to his time at Memphis under Penny Hardaway. He mentioned that they had a similar style of play at Memphis so it translates well.

He was asked about having Bam Adebayo and Udonis Haslem as leaders on this team. He responded, “It’s been really helpful, especially UD, but Bam as well…Whatever question I have I go to them right away and they tell me what I’m doing right or wrong.”

When asked about his first impression of this Heat team, he said, “Guys really care about each other.” You know statements like this are true when every single newcomer says it in their media session.

Lastly he was asked about his role with this team, but as expected, he said, “I’m just willing to play whatever role I’m given.”

It seems unrealistic that he will have a significant role, if any, right away since no Summer League is a huge impact.

Kendrick Nunn talked about the importance of the Summer League, saying, “You get a little more feel going into Summer League…But with the Heat here, they’ve done a great job of getting guys like him ready to play, so we won’t have that problem.”

Comments like this truly show the confidence that every player has in this organization. And thy retaliate with confidence in their players.

It’ll be interesting to see both Kendrick Nunn and Precious Achiuwa in the preseason, since as I’ve mentioned, will be like a showcase for Miami.

And Coach Spo seems to think so as well, saying, “We will use some of it to evaluate.”

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