Quickie Miami Dolphins training camp notes — Day 8
Quickie Miami Dolphins training camp notes — Day 8
May 19, 2024 4:57 AM

Day 8

– “My High School coach is here.”- Coach Flores

– Tomorrow’s Scrimmage will have a game day simulation “feel”- Coach Flores

– We are all in this thing together (on coaches running to T.N.T Wall)- Coach Flores

– “Defensive issue” yesterday cause Coach Flores to run to wall.

– Some praise for the Michael Dieter/ Shaq Calhoun starting guard duo- Coach Flores


– Its a walk through, so we are not allowed to tweet/write what “exactly” they are doing.

– Mostly Special Teams work to start practice. Guys in new spots as compared go last year.

– Hard to do reporting on what they are doing, but you are seeing many personnel sets, heavy subs on defense, and the use of 9 different skill guys in a set of play calls. Last year, you could go 3 quarters with just 7 skill guys seeing action. That seems to be a thing of the past. Maximum use of the roster and the talent on hand is the new norm. Good to see.

– There must be an NFL requirement for Special Teams Coordinators to be boisterous and use colorful language. Danny Crossman is cut from that same Darren Rizzi mold, in that regard.

– Walk through is complete, plenty of special teams work, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd teams run through their basic sets.

– Reggie McKenzie, Chris Grier, attended the walk through, and seemed to be engaged in conversation/evaluation.

Practice MVP: NONE

Struggled: NONE

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