The Top Five eSports Tournaments to Watch in 2022
The Top Five eSports Tournaments to Watch in 2022
May 19, 2024 3:52 AM

eSports is an extremely popular game event throughout the world where most players enjoy competing for prizes and win large amounts. As our business continues its expansion, we have seen people entering our premises and more event hosts. We look forward to all these competitions in 2022. In fact, we picked a handful of best eSports competitions that you should be looking at this year.

Most anticipated eSports Tournaments of 2022

eSports continues to grow year after year despite global and unforeseen disasters. The biggest eSport event in 2022 is among the most anticipated video-game tournaments in history! Accommodating all types of gamers, across many platforms eSport tournaments are home to all including online casino players; Speaking of online casinos, $5 deposit online casino Canada offers one of the best casino experiences at a low cost.

The biggest eSports tournaments of the year

Leagues are the largest eSport. There has never been another tournament as crucial to a League of Legends World. It was arguably the most popular tournament in the game industry with sponsors such as Mercedes-Benz and Louis Vuitton lining up for it. The world of 2022 is still unknown. It is possible, with a small amount of money, that something like this happens: usually the events happen between late September and early November but the events should not change this calendar. Whether surprise winners Edward Gaming can retain their title will determine the lion’s share of the $22M prize pool.

FIDE Candidates Tournament 2022

Chess in eSports? The news is pretty much reality as Grandmaster Hikaru Suko Nakamura draws casually around 100.000 viewers from his Twitch stream, while most big games receive live broadcasts. These events are important to include on our annual list of the biggest eSports events of the year. The candidate’s tournament decides the contenders for the world championships each year. The calendars are slightly disorganized due to pandemics, so it is not an extra year. There’s also an extra element of intrigue about these tournaments, from a couple of years back. Magnus Carlsen said on Twitter today that he’s been in a bad mood.

RLCS 2021-22 – World Championships

Rocket League has become one of the most successful eSports. It’s an adventure with rocket cars that play football! This is an excellent game for casual gamers. This action is straightforward and the rules are simple and the player is very competent — an extremely strong combo! Rocket League events increase each year and are no different this year. The season finale in 2031 will spill into the next year with fans having to wait from July 23 to August 31 to pick the eventual winner. The meeting will be held somewhere in the United States. It is still unknown where it lies.

Valorant Champions 2022

Riot Gaming invested a huge amount of money into Valorance eSports. They have also begun bearing fruit: the game has now been seen in terms of importance in the space despite the controversies over the game’s development. Valorant was originally created as a team player in “CS: GO” and ” Overwatch ” and has a very reminiscent goal to Counter-Strike formulae. Add Riots extreme micromanagement talents to your game, and you have an important contender. The Valorant Championship deciders saw Ascend win the trophy and become the first Valorant team to win a title.

PGL Antwerp CS: GO Major

Counter-Strike is the largest eSport game on the market. Major games are among the most popular events on the game. Its tournament is backed by Valve. Winning the game will guarantee your team being remembered as the best team ever. PGL has announced its intention to host two major tournaments in the series, and the event brings a popular CS: GO tournament to Belgium this year. It is scheduled to take place between the 9th of May and 22nd. A massive $1 million is expected.

International 2022

TI is still a unique phenomenon among gaming competitions. The largest event in sports offers incredible money that could change the lives of many. Among the prizes were more than 40m in the eSports event, which had a record for this industry. It was a big gaming surprise and a shock win for Team Spirit. The 2019-2022 season at DPC has resumed with The International and will feature 20 teams instead of the usual 18 this year because of the reintroduction of the X-Fields.

2022 ESL Pro League Season 15

This marks our 15th season in CSGO (Counter-Strike Global Offensive). The League consists of a group-based tournament with four single-eliminate matches. Afterward the winner’s groups begin play and the winners of each game advance to the semi-finals before ending with the best four grand finals.

Lan Trek 2022

Lan Trek is another planned eSport event. With prizes exceeding $100,000, the competition was the largest in Europe. Moreover, teams will be able to secure their places at the Elisa eSports Masters tournament.

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