5 Takeaways from Herro and Olynyk Interviews
5 Takeaways from Herro and Olynyk Interviews
May 23, 2024 12:03 AM

Since the NBA is set to return later this month, players are getting more and more anxious to get back on the court. Tyler Herro and Kelly Olynyk spoke with some media today about their preparation for the postseason. The Herro and Olynyk interviews happened via Zoom.

Here’s five things discussed to make you feel better about the Miami Heat’s chances.

Herro and Olynyk Interviews Takeaway 1:

Tyler Herro says this group of guys loves being around each other.

Says he’s looking forward to being able to end the season and that he’s gotten smarter with the game throughout this time off.@5ReasonsSports @fiveonthefloor5

— alex (@tropicalblanket) July 3, 2020

Tyler Herro touched on the fact that this locker room is much more than a work place, it’s an enjoyable environment. He says how excited he is to get back on the court and compete again heading into the postseason. Tyler also speaks about his growth in knowledge of the game, which seems to be a trend with a bunch of Heat guys over this hiatus. Which proves how ready this team is for this format.

Takeaway 2:

Kelly Olynyk acknowledges how well he was playing before the break and said he wasn’t fully recovered throughout the beginning of the season@5ReasonsSports

— alex (@tropicalblanket) July 3, 2020

Kelly Olynyk says he knows how great he was playing prior to the season being suspended. He also notes that this was because he wasn’t fully recovered at the beginning of the season, but slowly worked his way back into his full self. This is something to note since he could be a valuable piece in a playoff series. This team probably has more depth than anyone entering the bubble. Like Coach Eric Spoelstra said, “We can go 3 deep at every position” which shows he’s going to use every bench piece possible if need be including Kelly Olynyk.

Takeaway 3:

Kelly Olynyk on Orlando: “Just human interaction will be an upside”

Also noted that since he’s got his family in Canada, the bubble environment will be similar to what he’s been doing at home @5ReasonsSports @fiveonthefloor5

— alex (@tropicalblanket) July 3, 2020

Kelly speaks upon wanting to get back to human interaction, just like everyone else does. Except he has been in a bubble pretty much himself over the last 3 months since his family lives in Canada. This is a good sign for having another guy on the Heat’s roster to keep everyone focused and in line during the social distancing. And like mentioned before, could be a huge factor for this team on and off the court.

Takeaway 4:

Tyler Herro on being healthy and ready to head to Orlando with his Heat teammates to finish the season.

— Will Manso (@WillManso) July 3, 2020

Tyler Herro says he’s looking forward to getting back on the court again finally. He also states he doesn’t know what to expect or what the format will look like but either way they will look to adapt and “win a lot of games.” Tyler is a player that seems to have a lot of confidence in himself as a player already, but his confidence in this Heat team should have all Heat fans ready for Miami to make some noise in the postseason.

Takeaway 5:

Tyler Herro feels great. Really excited to be back. Also says he spent a lot of time watching his teammates and how they work while he was injured.

— Clay Ferraro (@ClayWPLG) July 3, 2020

Tyler Herro says though the injury forced him to miss 15 games, it helped him dissect the game more. Not only did he watch the way his teammates performed, but says watched all different players around the league. He also states he will do whatever Coach Spoelstra wants him to do once he gets down there. And as discussed many time, will be a key player for this team off of the bench, since young legs may be essential in this format.

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