5 Takeaways from the Duncan Robinson Interview About the Miami Heat
5 Takeaways from the Duncan Robinson Interview About the Miami Heat
Jun 18, 2024 10:49 AM

After the breakout season of Duncan Robinson this year, he looks forward to taking the next step in his game which is playoff experience. He discussed some things about his game and the state of the team with some local media today.

Here are five things discussed to take note of…


Duncan Robinson: "Maybe myself out of anybody has experience playing in empty gyms, either in G-League or my first year at Williams, we had games with like 300 people. So of anyone, I should be equipped for this."

— Five Reasons Sports Network (@5ReasonsSports) July 2, 2020

As talked about over and over, the Heat seem to have the most players that fit this no fans format. Between overseas, g-league, summer league, and small college play, they should be ready. And though Duncan Robinson says he played in games with around 300 people, it was no cakewalk. Duncan has repeatedly said that was some of the most competitive basketball he’s ever played. And as Duncan said himself, he’s equipped for this, which means he’s taking accountability to perform at a high level when or if the season returns.


Duncan Robinson on what he expects from his first playoffs: "I've seen and heard the game slows down a lot. Especially in a series, by games 3 and 4, you really have an understanding of who you are dealing with. It comes down to execution. That bodes well for us."

— Five Reasons Sports Network (@5ReasonsSports) July 2, 2020

Duncan seems to have the utmost confidence in this Heat team in a playoff setting with the words, “that bodes well for us.” He talks about the type of games that are played in a playoff series according to people he’s talked to. Duncan says it come down to execution, which is something he has seemed to do pretty well all season. He also talk about the game slowing down, which may lead to him getting even more touches on the offensive side of the ball with a slowed down setting.


Duncan Robinson says he has watched a lot of film edits of catch and shoot players like Ray Allen, Klay Thompson.

"One really big emphasis for me is creativity off the ball. Just being a little more patient in those actions."

God help the NBA……

— Five Reasons Sports Network (@5ReasonsSports) July 2, 2020

Duncan Robinson discusses the different players he has been watching film on lately including Ray Allen and Klay Thompson. He’s not watching the shooting part of it, he’s watching the ways they get open off of the ball. He uses the word creative, which he also used earlier in the interview discussing teams trying to eliminate him offensively. Duncan says teams started doing this as the season progressed and he expects it to continue in the playoffs. This could be a huge plus to Duncan’s game if he gets “creative” against savvy defensive match-ups.


Duncan Robinson: "We know a lot of people have opinions that we can't win outside of American Airlines. That's something we are excited to embrace."

— Five Reasons Sports Network (@5ReasonsSports) July 2, 2020

Duncan seems to hear the talk about Miami’s road troubles, but he says the team wants to embrace it. This Heat team thrives on doubt which is usually what people do to them. The reason being that most of these guys have been doubted their whole lives. A bunch of these guys didn’t make it to the league the natural way. So as they continue to receive this doubt, they have the mentality and hunger to prove them all wrong.


Duncan Robinson acknowledging they need to keep up a nightly sense of urgency on the defensive end if they want to make a deep run

cc: @5ReasonsSports @fiveonthefloor5

— alex (@tropicalblanket) July 2, 2020

There has been some questioning about the lack of defense in some of the Heat’s young players. Duncan addressed this saying that the only way they can make a deep playoff run is if they improve. He says this is something that will be their main focus on a nightly basis in both the playoffs and eight regular season games.

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